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Rugby Balls - Gilbert Hit Hard Novelty Ball - Multi

A little bit more fun is added to the game of rugby with Gilbert's Randoms ball collection.

Keeping it simple, Gilbert have written down the secret to success in rugby on this ball so that you will never forget to RUN FAST AND HIT HARD! And just to add to the beauty of the ball they've slapped on Union Jacks on each side so that you feel the pride of The whole of Great Britain when you're playing with it.

Features Include:
  • - 2 Ply backing material.
  • - Standard grip.
  • - Grippy rubber compound surface.
  • - Synthetic latex bladder for excellent air retention.

QuickRef: 61381

Gilbert Hit Hard Novelty Ball - Multi

Welcome to the world of Gilberts Randoms ball collection. The hit hard ball has a simple message to help you succeed when playing: RUN FAST AND HIT HARD.

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